At Painters In Perth, we have decades of experience painting for the residential sector. For new properties, our team can paint both the interior and exterior of your house, apartment or townhouse, creating a beautiful home that will stand the test of time. For existing or period homes, we are the experts when it comes to restoring your property to its former glory.  We use specialised preparation and painting techniques to refresh and protect your home for years to come.


Painters In Perth has a qualified team of painters that have over 60 years of combined experience in this specialised field


Our team will assess your job and give you their expert advice. If required, we can also provide a colour consultation, free of charge

We will travel anywhere within the Perth metro area (and beyond!) to attend to all your painting needs
Our award-winning team is ready to tackle any sized job, big or small. Contact us today for a free quote!

Residential Painting: The Process

  • Painters In Perth will first assess the painting job required and give you our expert advice. If required, we can also provide a colour consultation, free of charge.
  • During our quotation appointments, we openly discuss budget and the painting solutions recommended for your project. All quotations are given with a clear break-down of each individual task and its correlating price. This ensures you know exactly what you are paying for. With Painters In Perth, there are no hidden costs involved.
  • Surface preparation is the most important aspect of painting. Before painting we wash all surfaces down and sand them to make sure the substrates are free of dirt, grease and contaminates. Painting over these will seal them into the paint causing multiple problems in the future and failure for the paint to completely bond to the substrate which can cause blistering and flaking.
  • Once the paint job is underway, our team will take care to protect your home. We carefully mask off each area to be painted with tape, so there is no messy over-spray. We take care to ensure all your furniture and belongings are covered with sturdy sheets in order to keep them protected and clean.
  • When the paint job is completed, we remove the tape and sheets, vacuuming your floors so that your property is returned to you clean, refreshed and ready to live in again.

Preparation is Key

Priming or sealing any bare surfaces prior to painting is vital for a professional, beautiful result. We take care to first patch all dents, cracks and imperfections before sanding the surfaces that need to be painted. This will guarantee a smooth, even finish.

If additional preparation is required, we can repeat this process until the surface is satisfactory. Once this is completed, we apply apply a quality primer and undercoat. Our paint tins remain sealed until this process is completely finished to our satisfaction.